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Ireland does less newborn screening than 75% of European countries1. 5 years of promises and only 1 new test delivered2. The lives of ~200 Irish children could be saved or improved each year3. It’s time to Get Rare Aware and make a change.

The limited services and resources available for newborn screening dramatically impacts the life of every child born in Ireland, and particularly those with a rare disease:

  • A timely diagnosis preserves the health of babies for longer4
  • A delayed diagnosis has a significant financial impact on families4
  • The conditions tested for in newborn screening are actionable5

It is not acceptable for the Irish healthcare system to fail our children in the first days of their lives. Please take this opportunity to contact the Oireachtas members that represent constituents in your area. It’s time to Get Rare Aware and demand action.

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Dear Deputy/Senator,

It is not acceptable for the Irish healthcare system to fail our children in the first days of their lives. At present, Ireland screens newborn babies for less diseases than 75% of European countries, making us a significant negative outlier. Although many promises have been made since the establishment of the Newborn Screening Advisory Committee in 2019, only 1 new test has been delivered in the intervening 5 years. 

Newborn screening directly impacts the lives of every child born in Ireland and a comprehensive program could lead to ~200 babies’ lives being saved or improved each year. The benefits of newborn screening are widely known and include the following:

  • Screening and early diagnosis ensures earlier treatment and better health for life
  •  Delayed diagnosis has a significant financial impact on families
  • The conditions tested for in newborn screening are actionable

Ireland needs a comprehensive newborn screening program that is adequately resourced and ensures that babies born in Ireland are screened for the European average of 18 conditions at a minimum. Please support all of the families in your constituency by calling for a comprehensive newborn screening program that will meet our children’s needs today and tomorrow.

Yours faithfully,

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List of TDs and Senators who will receive your mail

Ms Catherine Ardagh, Dublin South Central, Senator
Ms Lynn Ruane, Dublin South West, Senator
Mr Aengus Ó Snodaigh, Dublin South-Central, TD
Ms Brid Smith, Dublin South-Central, TD
Ms Joan Collins, Dublin South-Central, TD
Mr Patrick Costello, Dublin South-Central, TD
Ms Mary Seary Kearney, Dublin South-Central, Senator
Ms Rebecca Moynihan, Dublin South-Central, Senator
Mr Colm Brophy, Dublin South-West, TD
Mr Francis Noel Duffy, Dublin South-West, TD
Mr John Lahart, Dublin South-West, TD
Mr Paul Murphy, Dublin South-West, TD
Mr Seán Crowe, Dublin South-West, TD
Mr Bernard Durkan, Kildare North, TD
Ms Catherine Murphy, Kildare North, TD
Mr James Lawless, Kildare North, TD
Ms Réada Cronin, Kildare North, TD
Mr Vincent P. Martin, Kildare North, Senator
Mr Seán Ó Fearghaíl, Kildare South, Ceann Comhairle
Mr Cathal Berry, Kildare South, TD
Ms Patricia Ryan, Kildare South, TD
Mr Martin Heydon, Kildare South, Minister
Ms Fiona O’Loughlin, Kildare South, Senator
Mr Mark Wall, Kildare South, Senator
Ms Jennifer Whitmore, Wicklow, TD
Mr John Brady, Wicklow, TD
Mr Steven Matthews, Wicklow, TD
Mr Simon Harris, Wicklow, Taoiseach
Mr Stephen Donnelly, Wicklow, Minister
Mr Pat Casey, Wicklow, Senator
Mr Barry Cowen, Laois-Offaly, TD
Mr Brian Stanley, Laois-Offaly, TD
Ms Carol Nolan, Laois-Offaly, TD
Mr Charles Flanagan, Laois-Offaly, TD
Ms Pippa Hackett, Laois-Offaly, Senator
Mr Sean Fleming, Laois-Offaly, Minister
Mr Joe Flaherty, Longford-Westmeath, TD
Ms Sorca Clarke, Longford-Westmeath, TD
Mr Peter Burke, Longford-Westmeath, Minister
Mr Robert Troy, Longford-Westmeath, TD
Mr Aidan Davitt, Longford-Westmeath, Senator
Mr Micheál Carrigy, Longford-Westmeath, Senator
Mr Paul Daly, Longford-Westmeath, Senator
Ms Emer Higgins, Dublin Mid-West, Minister
Mr Eoin Ó Broin, Dublin Mid-West, TD
Mr Gino Kenny, Dublin Mid-West, TD
Mr Mark Ward, Dublin Mid-West, TD