Screening and early diagnosis ensures earlier treatment and better health for life4


Delayed diagnosis has a significant financial impact on families4


The conditions tested for in newborn screening are actionable5

Variations in newborn screening across Europe1

Number of diseases screened for at birth

Take Action Now

Ireland needs a comprehensive newborn screening program that is adequately resourced and ensures that babies born in Ireland are screened for the European average of 18 conditions at a minimum. It is not acceptable for the Irish healthcare system to fail our children in the first days of their lives.

It’s time to Get Rare Aware and demand action. Support the campaign by contacting your Oireachtas representatives and ask them to demand that Ireland is above average when it comes to newborn screening.


HSE Dublin and Midlands

Thur, 18th Apr, 12.30pm

HSE Dublin and South East

Tue, 23rd April, 12.30pm

HSE West & North West

Wed, 22nd May, 12.30pm

HSE Dublin & North East

Thur, 30th May, 12.30pm

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Wed, 12th June, 12.30pm

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Wed, 19th June, 12.30pm